Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interested in studying in USA? Here's where you can get info from the one who is already doing it!

I am an international graduate student at MTSU and I created this page to provide information for the ones who are interested in enrolling a graduate program at MTSU like me. When I was applying to the program, it was a little hard for me to find information about what 's going on Campus, how are programs like, what is fun stuff to do etc... So I decided to create a page that would help the prospective international students to have an opinion. By this blog, you can check pictures and videos about campus life, read comments and posts about being an international student here at MTSU or just the school itself... I just want to give the future international students a chance to contact with the one who is already an international student studying for his Master's degree. Please feel free to ask any questions!! Sphere: Related Content

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